October 16, 2009

Harvest Party

Last year we had a Harvest Party and went out to Sauvie Island on a friday and wandered around this massive pumpkin patch with a wagon with nubby tires and picked out all these pumpkins and fresh vegetables and then went back to Alexa’s house (when she lived with that crazy guy alcoholic who liked to tie knots) and cooked it all up. It was a really nice afternoon. Jocelyn made her famous mac n’ cheese and we had beets and salad and apple galette and whiskey and wine and lots of nice conversation about frivolous things.
And before dinner I was sitting on the stoop listening to Gallagher and Alex go through their inventory of accents, and this woman from Sweden came up and asked about the cat lurking around. You know how there’s always that manic cat in the neighborhood that doesn’t care about where its home is and wanders around rubbing itself on everyone’s legs and meowing and sitting on strange porches and getting stuck on roofs? It was one of those and she was concerned, this lady. So we reassured her that the cat was okay and she mentioned that she had considered kidnapping (cat-napping? completely different meaning unfortunately) the cat and taking it to the vet and neutering it. Which I thought was very extreme but maybe very swedish? I know very few swedes so I don’t know how they feel, as a country, about the sneak-attack neutering of neighborhood cats.
After dinner we sat around and drew goats in Alex’s notebook and Jocelyn’s boyfriend at the time was a borderline narcoleptic and he fell asleep before the apple galette but we woke him up and made him eat some anyway. And we all constructed mustaches because there was a tits and ‘stache party to attend, and for myself, a mustache was a much better option, and then we walked down in that general direction and it turned out the party was next weekend and then I went home.
It was a good Harvest Party and Charissa and I are picking up the slack in the line left by the absence of both Jocelyn and Alexa and Liz for that matter, and we are having a harvest party on saturday. But the list of guests keeps growing (which is my fault) and I’m worried there won’t be enough food and I am notorious for inviting people over for dinner and then not having anything ready and making them watch me cook and drop things and swear.
So we’ll see.

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