January 4, 2012

The worst

There is really nothing worse than a bad orange. I mean, on the scale of disappointments it's probably worse to not get the big job or win second place in the pie-eating contest, but really, when an orange is bad, it's just so bad. And you spent all that time peeling it. And it was going to be your one snack. And there isn't even one way an orange can be bad. The flavor can be sour or stale or that weird not-orangey overripe flavor (the flavor of disappointment) or it can be desert-dry inside, with the tiny segments inside the segments actually separating due to lack of juice. And they always look so good. It's not like a banana. You look at a banana and you know. It's either overripe or perfectly green. An apple you can tell by the season, the type, and by poking a little bit and judging the softness. There's just no telling with an orange. They're like attractive jerks.


Kyle said...

Ahh but there is nothing more satisfying than a delicious orange.

But I agree, sometimes it is like playing Russian roulette (which I have a system for) with oranges.

Rachel Wrong said...

I've come to the conclusion that I really only like the tangerine types. Easier to peel, far more consistent, and a more pleasing texture. But only the ones with seeds.