February 2, 2012

People I saw at the Graveyard Show, Vol 2.

I never see celebrities in Portland, so when I saw one of the guys from Danava standing around between sets, I totally did the, Oh look, the guy from Danava, right? Right? thing to Sam and he said yeah, and then the guy from Danava looked at me, probably because hearing your band name, even if it's not said very loudly, is kind of like hearing your name in the middle of an otherwise inaudible conversation. He was wearing bootcut jeans and talking to a lady but I didn't notice her because I was too busy focusing on this mild almost-celebrity encounter. Sam asked me if I noticed her later, because apparently she was wearing this nutty white robe thing that maybe came up over her head, or included a head drape portion, or turban, and I had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently that's how excited I get about Danava.


Alexa Heidrich said...

It’s like when I saw Britt Daniels at that Cuban place while eating empanadas with Ben, and when I pointed it out, he was like, jeez Alexa, be cool. Jerk.

Susan said...

Your mystery white woman looks like an all white cruella de vil and I can't stop laughing thinking about what a mythical creature she is!