November 16, 2009

New Home

I've moved. All my old stuff is at Just to update, the weekend was the gory Creature premiere Hesh Law (a reminder of how much I love skating), a white party (a reminder of the fact that when I wear white, people pour pomegranate juice all over me), fixing my car at my parent's place (a reminder that my dad is awesome and that I am inept), hiking at Eagle Creek (a reminder that I love hiking and should do it all the time), brunch buffet at Skamania Lodge (a reminder that buffet is awesome but deadly), and 2001: A Space Oddessey (a reminder that computers are indeed sinister, kind of pathetic and cannot be trusted).


Charisstopher said...

Please stop. My mind is going. I can feel it. iii ccaaannn feeeelll iittttt.

Anonymous said...

go see moon. unless you hate kevin spacey like i do. then you'll go see it, but hate kevin spacey even more intensely for 90 minutes than you normally do.

Rachel Wrong said...

What? How could you hate Kevin Spacey. I love Kevin Spacey. But I hate Kevin Bacon.