November 18, 2009

Walking Planks

So. I didn't buy the (Vivienne Westwood)boots but I did buy a pair of pirate boots the other day. Well. Swashbuckler boots. And here's the big thing. I bought them on ebay. I had never bought anything on ebay before yesterday. Which is probably a shocker for most of you, but I'm on a very slow curve with the whole computer thing (the most in-depth thing I've ever created on a computer was a Hypercard project about dolphins and porpoises. I feel like we even added some shitty animation in there. I remember using a scanner for the first time and being pretty liberal with the fade effects and the paint tool).
So, I've been wanted Frye boots for awhile because I'm not into shopping much at the moment and am trying to stick with those investment pieces that last for years and are timeless classics (and you're thinking really? pirate boots?) and used is great because of all the waste and consumer throwaway culture that goes on around here and it makes me feel a lot less guilty and Frye boots really do last forever. As my friend Charissa put it, it's a lifelong relationship. The bonus, she said, is that if we get in an argument I can put them put them in storage for a few years and then find them all over again and wonder how it ever went wrong.
But back to this ebay thing. It was kind of like my first and only judo competition when I was a white belt and the only girl in my weight class was an orange belt and we got out there and bowed and suddenly I was thrown and lying there on the mat with my arm behind my back and my chin in a ringworm soaked wrestling mat. The seller had a set price and the only option was to make an offer. I wasn't really sure what was happening but I dropped $50 off the price and clicked the yes I commit to this price and then it was sold. Just like that. No deliberation, no haggling. It took less than a minute and I was the owner of the pair of boots. Pirate boots.

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Has-been said...

I once made a hypercard stack about dinosaurs and it had a button on the title page that would play the last guitar solo from "November Rain." I was in 3rd grade and wanted to be the asian axl rose.