December 2, 2009

Writing Group

Last night we had writing group at my house. It's something that happens about once a month (give or take) and it's this democratic process which we start by throwing dates out on a group email and then someone will be gone or someone says yes that's perfect or someone is like, nonono, I don't have anything, writing is shit and I hate it, and then we push it back a week or two. But it's always on Tuesdays and it's always at my house. I think this is because it gives Colin a monthly opportunity to leave the west side. And some of the original members are missing and we have a couple new ones, though Kevinovitch is still not an official member because last night was meant to be his debut and he was on a call to Kyrgyzstan.

And it's great. If you write and want to improve, or for that matter, just don't want to keep a lot of secret notebooks in an ever-growing box in your room without ever having anything to show for it, then you should be in one. I was once terrified of sharing my stuff with these people and now I sit there and ask for more sandpaper and take it and make notes without wimpering and then ask if there's anything else horrible about my story that I should know. Reading outloud in front of actual strangers would be a completely different act of heroism but this is a start.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel will make you cry at writing group unless you placate her with a ribwich and a cookie.