October 1, 2010

Yet Another Gem on 28th

I really love the location of my office. In addition to the joy of spying on midday Sparky's attendees (so many miatas!), the location of my office is in ideal proximity to a multitude of restaurants, cafes, and shops. Artemisia* is my new favorite. They sell plants, garden stuff, art, bones, jewelery, terrariums, shells, and so on and so forth. Natural treasures. On my lunch break the other day, I bought an airplant as a birthday present, and had to buy one for myself as well. Those things are so cool. You just have to submerge them in water for an hour every two weeks. That's it. They are the ultimate low maintenance plant. I need that.

I will never forget the disappointment I felt when I learned that I was a plant-owner failure. One of the first things I did my freshman year of college was go to the Saturday Market in Eugene with my new friend Shauna. We both bought a little cactus to decorate our shitty dorm rooms. The following spring, after many nights of spiced rum, last-minute studying, and buffet-style cafeteria meals, Shauna called me, elated.

Shauna: Hey! My cactus bloomed. It has a beautiful pink flower! Did yours?

I am sitting on my desk next to my cactus. It looks just like it did when I bought it. Little green pincushion. Inert.

Me: No. No it didn't.

Shauna: Ohhhh. I'm sure it will.

And it never, ever did. It finally just died. I thought anyone could keep a cactus. We'll see how this whole airplant thing works out.

*Photo from Artemisia

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