November 24, 2010

Beauty Bar!

So, Shola already gave her report, but now you are going to get it from my perspective. I biked over the Burnside Bridge, extremely pleased to escape the torrential downpours that had plagued the rest of the day, and encountered this sad state of affairs on the way. RIP Made in Oregon sign. I have to admit, it's kind of exciting to cross the bridge and see all the lights of the city and the reflections in the river. You really feel like you're doing something.

Beauty Bar was very, very quiet, which was extremely nice. I may have a theory about frequenters of the west side but so I'm going to save it until I can truly present an informed argument. The lack of patrons made photography of the decor especially easy. You know, no random people in the shots. Anyway. Shola and Emily had arrived early to Beauty Bar and signed us up. We waited for about twenty minutes and had a drink. Then we went upstairs and a very lovely girl painted my nails. You will recall my concern regarding drinking ability? Rest assured. It all works out. While she painted my left hand I lifted my drink with my right hand and visa versa. Absolutely no problem. After our nails were done we moved to a dark corner filled with 50s hairdryers and vinyl couch-things. Why were the 50's so much more awesome and space-agey? Until this visit I had  never sat under a hair dryer that looks like an alien brain dismemberment device. We sat under them and we shared our opinions on various things and talked about weddings and boys and sign language. You know, the typical stuff girls talk about it. And then we did the photobooth to document the fun and went home. It was a perfect ladies' weekday evening.

So. Here's the run-down: Beauty Bar is located on 111 SW Ash Street. The manicures start at five. You have to sign up and it can get busy, though it wasn't busy last week. A measly $10 will get you a set of newly painted fingernails and a good drink. The service was great, the decor is all pink and sparkly and 50s, aaaaand they have bowls of matchbooks on the counter. I love a good free matchbook.


Kyle said...

Sounds like you had a good time, I should send Emily down there one day with her friends.

Charisstopher said...

I'm sad that i had to miss this.

huy said...

I heard one of the dudes from Mars Volta is a part owner of that place, but who knows.

Kyle said...

Huy is right, but he is a past member of the band.