November 12, 2010

Boot Scootin'

Ha! So last night I had the ladies over for a happy hour of sorts. I made stuffed mushrooms and bacon-wrapped dates and coleslaw (I recently ended up with an extra head of purple cabbage because I forgot that I had just purchased one and bought another one two days later) and Liz brought cornbread muffins and Laura brought homemade rosemary bread and some sort of delicious tart and we sat around and gossiped and drank red wine and traded old clothing. It was so nice. And because I lost my ipod a while ago, I couldn't play music. But I wasn't daunted by this. I turned on the radio and flipped through the stations and the clearest one happened to be a country station. So we listened to that all night. And I'm not saying it's good, but it was on and I just kind of let it happen. I'm not really even that ashamed.

It took me back to my youth (fourth and fifth grade), when I had a country phase and would sit in my room and eat candy and listen to country and read the Anne of Green Gables series. And it's really kind of embarrassing to admit, but my first concert was Alabama. It's actually totally embarrassing. I wish I could say that is was Micheal Jackson or Gwar or something, but that's what it was. I saw Alabama at the Memorial Coliseum and I remember the lead singer was wearing impossibly tight white jeans. And I'm pretty sure he had a mullet in a similar fashion to Billy Ray's. I know it's passe to make fun of mullets, and thank god fashion mullets have died, but how have they survived that firestorm? How is Billy Ray still traipsing around with a mullet?

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Anonymous said...

get down. turn around. go to town.
I think em-bare-assed-ment should be the furthest thing from your mind if alabama was your first concert!
mine was green day... followed shortly (well not that shortly) after by the family values tour featuring Limp Bizkit, Ja Rule and Staind among others. i loved staind so much. shit.

Rachel Wrong said...

Yes. I feel better. I can only hope that more people will open up in the comments and lessen my shame.

Shiny Things and Cake said...

My first concert was Dave Matthews Band (DMB) when I was eleven. It was in Eugene, during the Saturday market or something. I also saw DMB again when I was sixteen for a friends birthday. Wow, it feels like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I don't admit it to many people.

John-Robert said...

hahah(digital laughter) this is a safe. a safe, cleansing place. i was also way too un-necessarily into T.L.C. in elementary/middle school. and well still now. like i knew every word, every line. i got made fun of a lot for that. well that and a lot of other things. probably rightly so. expunge/reveal those skeletons!!!!!!zzzz

Caitlin said...

Yeah, I definitely had a time last winter/spring when I kept forgetting cds in the truck and settled for switching between the two country stations. Eases the mind a bit with its simple storytelling, eh?

P.S. my first concert was Boyz II Men in sixth grade at the Memorial Coliseum, and I can't tell you how stoked I was.