November 4, 2010

Who I used to be

I once heard that the books that really impacted you as a kid, the ones that you read over and over and over again, are the ones that will impact your writing voice, for better or worse, forever.

I think the same thing applies to drawing. I draw in a very certain way, a strong-lined method that brings to mind those old hand-drawn animations. One of my favorite movies as a child was the Last Unicorn. It is the most magical movie. I love all the lines, the curves, the colors, the epic journey, the lost self/lost love story, the America soundtrack. Yes, it was kind of a musical but that only made it better.

I recently stumbled across Caitlin Hackett's work on my love for you is a stampede of horses.

So beautiful and all done with ballpoint pen. Not only artistically inspiring but I immediately thought of the harpy in The Last Unicorn. I would bet money that Caitlin watched The Last Unicorn as a child.


Elizabeth said...

I watched it on VHS until the tape burned up. Beautiful.

Kyle said...

I have it on DVD if any of you ladies would like to borrow it.

That ballpoint pen drawing is beautiful.

Rachel Wrong said...

Oh man. I need to get my own copy. I have one, but I bought it in NZ and it's not compatible here.

Rachel Wrong said...

p.s. you should go to her website and check out her other stuff. Amazing.