November 22, 2011

Reading Rainbow

In light of our current lack of sunlight, I've been reading like a fiend. In the summer I read less because I feel guilty for sitting inside when there is any hint of sunshine, so this absolutely disgusting weather is my green light for obsessive novel reading.

I just finished Jonathan Frantzen's Freedom. So good! An investigation of a love, marriage, a family's path through life ,and the choices we make in the face of infinite choice and well, freedom, this book is a total page turner with inspiring prose, well-crafted characters, and an all-encompassing nowness that is refreshing and accessible. I recommend.

I'm nearing the end of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (thanks Rachael) and it's been enjoyable as well. Since I was just there, it's nice to read something that takes place in Brooklyn and recognize the street names and all that. Graham Street! I was just there!

I'm looking for my next victim. Any suggestions?


Gabe Rodriguez said...

I wish I could share this LA sunshine with you! Honestly it is almost impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed when it is 65 and not a cloud in the sky every morning.

So glad you loved "Freedom"! I am currently re-reading Franzen's "The Corrections," which I enjoyed the first time around but never finished back in college. "Freedom" is one of my very favorites, as is Roberto Bolaño's "2666," which I suggest you read next. It is a definite hibernator at nearly 1,000 pages but boy oh boy is it worth the long haul. I would love nothing more than to discuss it as you read...sounds trite but it's true when I say it changed my life and how I see the world. It's not cheesy, despite what my plug may imply.

Rachel Wrong said...

Gabe! I have read 2666. That book was like descending into a dark, dangerous cave and coming out on the other side surprising whole but somehow changed. Actually it was kind of like my Ape Caves adventure with Laurence and Nathan Bigelow. Except for a literary masterpiece rather than something that third graders also participate in. What else? I bet you have some other great recommendations.

colleen k.d. said...