November 2, 2011


I want to thank you all for participating and entering all your great, creative entries in this contest. It was really fun to read everyone's stories and see your creative talents in action.

Also, just to remove the anonymity factor, our contestants were:

Elizabeth Burnell-Untitled

Johanna (Johanna's mom)-A Scary Halloween Story... A True One

Kyle Arthur-The Long March to the Bathroom (A True Story)

Gabe Rodriguez-The Haunted House (or, Deuce Numm-Bertew gets his First Pube

Sam Grant-Numbered graves photo

Kyle Carnes-Getting killed on the stairs photo

Emily Dart-Mclean-Creepy clown photo

Alexa Heidrich-The Origins of Elias

Benjamin Dayton-The Godforsaken

And by popular vote the winners of This Contest is Haunted are Emily Dart-Mclean's creepy clown photo (apparently that's her at age seven) and Benjamin Dayton's The Godforsaken. Nice job, you guys.

You win a copy of neo-classic slasher film Scream. Yay!

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Ben Dayton said...

Oh sweet! Thanks y'all. I'm honored.