May 5, 2010

Buy Local

The nice thing about living in Portland is that I can sincerely support local bands. It's wonderful. I'm sure not everyone experienced this, but when I hear "local band" I have this horrible high school flashback of creepers and leopard print and shitty, emotive punk rock played down at the community center with a bad sound system and all the girlfriends up front, standing awkwardly and toe tapping because it's daytime and they don't know how to dance and there are the two best friends who really want to mosh and know all the words and are rushing around bumping into the girlfriends while they cringe. And the standout memory for me is that the drummer of one of these bands only had one testicle, that's called cryptorchidism, or maybe it was just that he had two abnormally large testicles, but no matter. It was a stupid rumor and the point is, that sticks out in my mind more than the music.

So Dirty Mittens are playing with some other local bands (Reporter, Copy, White Fang) at Holocene next Wednesday (May 12). They had a show at Mississippi Studios a couple weeks ago, and it was so fun. So Fun. It's pop, but kind of doo-wop and there are horns (not usually a fan of horns, perhaps because of ska and Kenny G but it works for them) and I'm not going to go into some big explanation of what they sound like because you can listen to a song here.


kale said...

soudns real good - reminds me of downtempo Save Ferris.

Ben Moral said...

Shucks, thanks Rachel! Let me know if you're coming Wednesday, I'll put you on the list.