May 4, 2010


The things that really get to people are always a fascinating window into the psyche. For example, Alexa hates cake, people who eat cake, people who hate mayonnaise and apparently people who pick their teeth in public. Charissa can't stand men with tiny lady hands or men with tiny creepy teeth. Heidi hates convertible drivers in Oregon (I'm not sure if she makes an exception during the summer months).

I hate these pants.

They are spandex pants modeled on english riding breeches, complete with the reinforced knee for the serious equestrian. This annoys me for several reasons. You can get them for about $20 at any store that sells riding apparel and tack but American Apparel is charging about $70 for them. I have expressed how I feel about leggings but the devil continues to plague my soul by sending pantless minions out into the world with their short t-shirts and their camel toes. And because American Apparel is producing these, people all over Portland are going to be wearing them, and I am going to have to look at dumpy khaki butt all summer and probably all fall and winter too. Ugh.


kale said...

u have a cool blog i will follow it and make comments if thats ok lol l8r!

Charisstopher said...

they look like XL orthopedic stockings - vein support, fresh.

Rachel Wrong said...

Kale. Your ability to be creepy amazes me. I actually thought that your comment was spam until I checked your profile and saw all the bike blogs. Charissa. Yes they do. And do you see how she's standing? Like a swimsuit model with her back super arched? That's b/c if she stood like a normal person she would have dumpy khaki butt with well-supported veins. Super fresh.

Heidi said...

those. are. awful.