May 18, 2010

Music Crush

So, you know how it goes when you are on the internet and you click on some random link and that sends you to some blog about a woman who wants to be MILF now that her kids are in school (yuck) and then you end up reading about japanese hats and then you find yourself watching a snowboarding video and liking the song and taking the link and then it turns out this song that you really really like is actually a song by Ryan Gosling (yes, young Hercules) who you have had a major crush on ever since he was a junkie teacher in Half Nelson making drugs look good in synchronization with Broken Social Scene and it's just. Wow. He just decided to like, make music with his best friend and a children's choir in between movies. Of course he did, he is no mere mortal.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Yes, a thousand times yes!