December 10, 2010

In Celebration

So, it is Liz's birthday today. We have been friends for a number of years now (since 2003?) and I count her among my dearest friends. The first time I technically met Liz, I slept on her couch in Eugene and her mom made us pancakes in the morning. However, the first time I really met Liz was later that fall term at a Summer in Winter party in some scummy house near campus.

As implied by the premise of the party, the heat was on high and there were random tropical decorations everywhere. I remember that someone had beaded curtains over their door (classy) and we were all piled on some bed talking about music. Perhaps the beer ran out, but I had decided that I wanted to head over to 80s Night at John Henry's. I'm not sure how it is now, but 80s Night was an institution back then. Insanely fun nights, dancing on speakers, the floor so crowded you ended up with other people's sweat all over your bare arms. Somehow Liz and I got on the topic of 80s Night and she was totally into it. So she and I, two girls who had never actually hung out before, ran off into the night. On our way we stopped by her house so she could change into something more 80s. She came out of her room in a full spandex outfit and red converse. Impressive.

We got to John Henry's and while I had a fake I.D. at the time (probably the one in which I was Hispanic and named Vianey Diaz), I'm pretty sure that Liz did not. I can't recall what we did, but it involved some theatrics and perhaps the good ol' I've already been stamped swagger through the door. It was an incredibly busy night, as usual, and we couldn't even fit on the dance floor. This didn't matter. It turns out that Liz loves dancing and the necessity of space in which to dance as much as I do. We danced in the hallway right in front of the entry and probably accidentally punched people multiple times. The standout moment occurred when Under Pressure came on. We both began to sing as dramatically as possible, notice I say sing and not lip sync, and alienate everyone attempting to pass by us on their way to the bar/dance floor.

 It was in this glorious moment that I realized there was no way that Liz and I could not be friends.


Kyle said...

What an appropriate way for you two to become friends. The universe made sure to put this together.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much. I feel so loved. That really was a great night.

eROB said...

holy moly i just looked into this big freeda situation. oooo weeee. this kinda stuff is exactly what i'm trying to talk about. so you got the lil ladies shaking the junk in the trunk. and then there's this whole deal = Where does that leave "us"? i'm just not quite sure. shore.

Jesse Milan said...

Hilarious how you sang "Under Pressure", and this all culminated to Saturday Night's "Space Oddity" karaoke. Glad to see the relationship has remain unchanged after all these years!

Rachel Wrong said...

Whoa, dick slang. I'm not sure I support any dance that involves Umbros.