December 20, 2010

Photo Surprise!

My strategy for posting recaps on significant events is quite similar to my strategy for birthdays or other holidays involving gifts. Incorporate the element of surprise. If you delay the gift long enough, your giftee has given up hope, decided you were a horrible friend, and probably already defriended you on Facebook. This is when you strike. The gift is infinitely more awesome because it is completely unexpected. I gave my friend Molly her Christmas canteen in July. Had it been received amongst all the other thoughtful gifts she undoubtedly received on December 25, she may have been underwhelmed. As it was, she really couldn't have been more pleased.

Below is a photo from the basketball session of our Hooters/Hoops/Dirty extravaganza. That's right. When I play basketball, a mystical smoke rises to strike fear in the hearts of my adversaries. The very court trembles and the hoop bows to my basketball prowess. We played a game of PIG that came down to Charissa and I* battling it out for the glory and I emerged victorious. I made a three-pointer, Laurence (my brother) made a three-pointer, and Sam? Well, Sam tried in vain. This was the night that I coined the Wright family motto:  

The Wright Family: Our bones don't break and we make three-pointers.

 * The ladies. This was a source of pride. We were wearing our cheetah-print leggings and ruling Irving Park court. Sometimes we just lurk at the park and join pick-up games with the neighborhood thugs**.

** Not really. I can't dribble.


Tony said...


Charisstopher said...

Oh man. I forgot all about this epic photo. But I did NOT forget the Wright 3-point victory! And i wish I could forget my attempt at pole-dancing. Not a strength.

Kyle said...

What a magical picture, glad that this moment was captured and that those street youts in the back were kind enough to rile up the dust for you.

Caitlin said...

Wow, this photo is pretty amazing. I hereby challenge you to a game of knockout.

Rachel Wrong said...

Oooooh, bring it. I'm not sure how to play knockout but I'm willing to accept the challenge.