December 14, 2010

Romantic Night Returns

Tony Vu is back in town and with him, Romantic Night. You may remember Tony from the sweater dress fashion tips or the Romantic Night that occurred last year. He invited 834 over for seared tuna steaks purchased from a real-live fish monger, wine, a fireplace, a mystery shot, and strawberries and icecream. It was special.

Tomorrow we are hosting this magical night. This gets a bit problematic. As I have not seen either of my roommates for more than five minutes at a time since December hit, there is no grand romantic plan. We have not orchestrated some sort of red rose-festooned table top, we don't have a Christmas tree (though we do have giant colored lights on our porch), and we don't know what we're making. The point of Romantic Night is dinner after all, and Tony is supplying the dessert and hopefully (in a wonderful twist that no one saw coming) the dinner as well. Preferably lobster, crab, or some other shellfish dish (he's at the beach right now). One can only hope.


Tony the Romancer said...

The secret to a successful romantic night is candles. I could have served bowls of cocoa puffs and you wouldn't have minded. Don't underestimate the power of a strategically placed fire.

Rachel Wrong said...

Oh there will be candles. And that's about it. Candles and our beautiful faces. Maybe we should emphasize ourselves as the ultimate accessories to Romantic Night. Fancy gowns may be in order.