June 6, 2011

Style Inspiration

I would to talk about my favorite new blog: Tomboy Style.

I love it so much. This has given me the inspiration and validation I need to accept my true style calling. Let's face it. I'm just not a girly girl. I love jeans, t-shirts, and most of all, I love flats. I like to pretend I love heels because they look great, but the truth is that I hate wearing them. They're uncomfortable. They hurt my feet. And there's no way you can make a quick getaway. I like shoes that allow me to dance, like really dance, with lots of fancy footwork, jump on a skateboard, climb trees, ride bikes, and if necessary run from the police (not that this usually happens, but I still think it's important).  I didn't play with dolls or Barbies as a kid, I played in the mud. I don't think this should change just because I'm older and attempting to be mature. This blog has given me assurance that one does not have to dress like a lady to be a lady. So inspiring.

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