June 2, 2011

Wait for the Summer

I'm officially ready for it to be summer. To stick with that general theme, I'm going to do posts about summery things for the next while, until the sun finally comes out and stays out. Last week I went through my box of summer clothes and pulled out shorts (I know, total hypocrite), long striped dresses, printed skirts, and airy cotton tank tops. I tucked away my heavy sweaters and woolen scarves and lined suede boots. It's time.

This year I want my summer uniform to be white v-neck t-shirts, denim shirts, Liberty prints, bathing suit tops, and sun dresses. What are you going to wear this summer?

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Shiny Things and Cake said...

I am already a fan of the white v neck, especially the AA deep vee. I am also going to be rocking the cuffed chinos and sneakers. If I'm feeling bold I may pair some wedges with shorty shorts....maybe. I can't wait for summer!