October 14, 2011

New Favorite Style Blog

Remember when I discussed the merits of the Urban Weeds style blog? Well, after I did, Caitlin made a comment that the subjects were always so generic and made it look like all Portlanders wear skinny jeans, tall boots, and have children. Caitlin's assessment was true. And we don't all wear skinny jeans, tall boots, and have children. So after that, I really couldn't enjoy the blog. I would notice a new post, click to find a lovely black and white portrait and then scroll down to be completely and utterly deflated by some boring leggings/dress/boots/ peacoat combo. But I still look at it because it's fun to see people in Portland and also because I'm a little bit of an internet martyr (Seriously. There's this one blog I read only because I think the person is really annoying. Why?).

However, there is relief from the khaki-clad, squeaky clean of Urban Weeds. I have found a new go-to style blog: Portland's Pretty. Marissa is funny, doesn't take herself too seriously, and finds a wide variety of looks that she sees fit to print.

Here are some recent shots from her blog:

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