October 24, 2011

Round I of This Contest is Haunted

Okay, here are a couple entries for the scary story category. We'll be voting for our favorite at the end of the week. Enjoy!

1) Untitled

Donna always knew there was something strange about their family dog. Her daughter had picked her out from the pound, and despite the puppies that were eager for her attention she went straight for the old mangy black and gray mutt with yellow eyes. Unlike the other dogs that were yelping through the cages this one sat in the back of its kennel alone, somber and disinterested, that was until her daughter walked by.  His eyes followed the little girl, apparently unaware of any other presence in the world.  Donna wasn’t surprised that her daughter had picked him, she was always a little different, and they seemed a perfect pair.   

The dog, Vince, followed her everywhere. He was her shadow, would respond to any order she gave, and would never make a sound. When others would approach, he would look forward with chilly yellow eyes, and bristled hair, causing them to take an unconscious step backwards. Meanwhile, Sarah would grin with a smile that suggested something between comfort and pleasure.

 It was early spring, and Donna had finally gotten an evening off and coordinated a new sitter to come over so she and her husband could enjoy a night on the town. At 8:00pm the doorbell rang, and a peroxide blonde woman in her early 20’s stood on the stoop shaking off her umbrella. Donna gave instructions to the woman, and told her they would be back by 11:00pm at the latest, then walked her into the living room to introduce her to Sarah. Sarah and the dog barely acknowledged the young woman when she came in, and continued watching an animated show about birds.

As soon as Sarah’s parents were gone the woman grabbed her cell phone, and started texting away.  Then she grabbed the remote and switched the channel over to watch reruns of the Jersey Shore. Sarah was not thrilled. She glared at the woman, and ordered, “Change it back”.  The babysitter ignored the 5 year old and kept watching. Sarah tried to grab the remote and the babysitter, startled pushed Sarah away, asking if she wanted “time-out”. Having fallen on to the ground as she was pushed, Sarah cuddled closer to Vince, and began talking ever so quietly to him about the mean girl.

When Donna and her husband returned home, the lights were off and Sarah was in bed with Vince sleeping by her feet and the babysitter nowhere to be seen. Slightly concerned, Donna woke Sarah to ask where the sitter was. Sarah simply said that the baby sitter’s boyfriend came over, they watched a terrible show about “Snookie”, played hide and seek, and now the babysitter was gone. Donna was rightfully appalled and tried to remember to erase that contact, thinking the woman obviously didn’t even deserve to be paid for the evening.

Summer was just starting to show up, and Donna found herself in the back yard hauling dirt, and preparing to plant her tulips. After digging for a few minutes Donna noticed a patch of yellow about 6 inches down. Confused she kept digging, not quite understanding what she saw. Waves of nausea washed over her. Her desire to run was overruled by the shock of recognition. She looked almost the same as that day she’d come over to watch her daughter, only instead of pink gloss and a smile, there was torn flesh where her bottom lip used to be, and a massive bite across her neck, which had ripped out her trachea, and left her spine visible.
The scream of terror she had finally been holding back spilled out, and rang through the neighborhood. Donna turned around to run and call the police, only to find her daughter and her dog, staring at her with yellow eyes peacefully sitting on the porch.

Sarah smiled at her mother, and said, “Vince, mommy wants to play hide and seek with the babysitter.”

 2)  A Scary Halloween Story.....a True One.

When the kids were all small I worked at K-Mart as an overnight stocker.  I would come when everyone left for the night.  They would lock me in, then in the morning when the store reopened I went home.  The only other person in the store when I was- was a guy who ran the floor buffer once every couple weeks.  Can't remember his name but lets call him Larry.  Also, back then K-Mart stores all had little snack bar/grills in the back of the store.  My sister was a cook in this snack bar.  All this being said, let's continue the story.........

One night as I arrived for work I walked back to the snack bar to talk to my sister. Let me add that you had to walk past aisles 1 through 12, then past the health and beauty aids dept before you got to the snack bar.)  She was all flustered and told me the story of what had happened that afternoon.  She had served lunch to a couple of women there and while they were eating, one of the women started to cough and choke. The other woman was alarmed and trying to help her but she couldn't stop choking.  So the woman was trying to help her friend out of the store and outside to see if she could catch her breath.....but right at the end of aisle 9 the lady collapsed.  She was spewing blood violently out of her mouth and convulsing.  She died right there at the end of aisle 9 of an aneurism.  As I walked toward the locker room to put away my purse I looked around at the end of aisle 9 and although maintenance had cleaned up after all this there were little blood spatters on the floor, on the baseboards around the checkout, and most horrible of all, there was a big display of Fiddle Faddle on that end cap (shop talk for the shelves at the end of an aisle) and there were spatters of blood all over them.  My first job that night was to remove those boxes and discard them.

 The next time I came in, I tried to avoid that area as much as possible. Someone had filled the end cap with those gallon sized jars of Vlassic pickles.  That evening when I was stocking I heard a loud crash.  I went to the front of the store to find that at the end of aisle 9---- three jars of pickles had broken on the floor. I cleaned them up but the hair on the back of my neck was standing up and I was scared shitless!!!  Later that evening I had just finished putting up a whole aisle of plastic ware...baskets and trash cans and stuff, and was all the way back to the storage room when CRASH!!!!!!!  I went over there and everything I had put on the shelves was in the floor.  I said fuck it and left it there on the floor.  I was terrified.   The next morning, when I told the manager and a couple clerks they laughed and told me I just had the heebie jeebies.

 The next time I worked, Larry was there to do floors.  He usually went and got a lawn chair and watched TV in electronics till about two hours before the store opened and then  would hurry and finish buffing the floors. Well this night I was feeling not as scared because I knew he was there at the end of Aisle 7 watching Sanford and Son and nothing would happen.  Wrong.  About a couple hours into the shift he came and found me in the back of the store and his face was white as a sheet.  He told me to come up to aisle 8 (that's where all the typewriters and adding machines were.)  Anyway, there was this electric typewriter just click click clacking all by itself.  Scared me shitless.  I told him to unplug it!!!!!!!!!!!  He hit the power switch that was hooked to the whole section of typewriters and it stopped clicking.  He kind of chuckled nervously and I went on back to work.  About an hour later I heard him scream and call my name like a little girl.  I ran up there and it was typing again--by itself---with no power source.

Larry never cleaned the floor that night, he stayed in the warehouse with me.  And he never came back to work again. 

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Oh man this is already a great idea and entries. I cannot wait to see what other people have come up with and I really like the idea of not knowing who wrote what.