October 4, 2011

I KNEW it!

Remember my prediction that American Apparel would attempt to bring back the thin cotton turtleneck? I wanted it to be a joke, I truly did, but I flipped open a Mercury yesterday and found a three-part ad featuring the thin cotton turtleneck. Shocking. 

An unfortunate item that I wore for the number of years that I was not dressing myself, the thin cotton turtleneck is one of those things that adorned moms and children alike in the 90s. Sometimes it had patterns (my mom had one covered in tiny Mickey Mouses) but usually it was plain, solid, and most definitely neck warming. They are somehow unflattering, something about that tube of fabric extending up your torso right to your chin and the awkwardly tight sleeves. The only thing worse is the mock turtleneck or collarless shirts for men. And of course, you can now get them in any number of different finishes and colors from American Apparel. Jeez. They've brought us bodysuits, guacho pants, and turtlenecks, who knows what sort of horror is left. 

Predictions? I'm afraid to make anymore, because they'll probably come true.


Elizabeth said...

I actually always sort of loved turtle necks, but fully agree they are pretty unattractive.

I would like you to please predict the return of overalls.


Rachel Wrong said...

Too late. High fashion brought overalls back already. But I'm not sure it's selling. They are nowhere near the feverpitch they reached in the 90s. It's too soon.