October 17, 2011

Wait, so you're not going to be wearing a dress?

Kyle and Emily did their engagement photos with Kyle Carnes Photography this weekend and they are totally awesome. I mean, look at that photo. This shoot was special to me for several reasons. One, I'm in Kyle and Emily's wedding. Obviously, they aren't sticklers on gender roles and rigid tradition because I am a groomslady. Two, I was an initial supporter of their idea to have a 50s style gender role reversal photo shoot, threw out some ideas in the brainstorming session, and was very much looking forward to seeing the end result. Three, I was there for the conversation between Kyle and Kyle, during which, the proverbial lightbulb went off and Kyle C realized he wasn't going to have to shoot Kyle Arthur in a dress and make it look like a Norman Rockwell painting. Apparently there has been some links missing in the communication. Lastly, the shoot took place at our house. I'm pretty proud of the home that Sam and I have put together. I think it's very homey and well-decorated (obviously completely objective) and it gives me a lot of joy to see it in the background of these photos. Go to Kyle's blog to check out the rest.

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Kyle said...

Kyle did an amazing job and thanks to you and Samuel for letting us shoot in your amazing home.

And yes there was some miscommunication but that is what makes a great story in the end. I am just overjoyed at how this shoot turned out and am looking forward to seeing what the wedding will bring.