February 22, 2010

Neck Punch!


My first hockey fight. I mean, I wasn't in it, but I was watching it and it was hilarious and the refs just stood there in their striped shirts and their skates and the crowd went wild and I don't know if anyone else knew this, but the Winterhawks are all teenage boys. I kind of thought they were men.

Snowboarding with Rian and singing in the car and first run at like, one. Has to be a lazy snowboarding record.

That foursquare church on Ankeny with the eighties stained glass tower. It's magical in the moonlight.

Getting up early and working on the dirt berm (it will soon be a garden)with the window open and Nurses on the stereo.


Belly flop to frozen ground and the subsequent aching ribcage.

I lost my glasses. They actually fell out of my purse somehow, probably at that crowded party and I'm sure they were stomped on by some permed girl in keds.

1 comment:

Tony said...

Glasses are meant to be worn on your face, not put in your purse and taken out when no one is looking. Plus, if you were wearing your glasses, no one would dare punch you in the neck.