February 12, 2010

Romantic Night Pt. 2

I hosted Romantic Night last night. It lacked the panache of our last venture into romance but there was an actual wood fire burning merrily (smoldering, actually, because I think the wood was a little damp) and I slaved over some tapas (dumped olives into a bowl, laid out some prosciutto, rinsed some grapes and sliced some bread) but we still had lovely conversation and wine (that I think was corked) and pleasant music was playing on the stereo and Tony was telling us amazing stories and Charissa brought us balloon animals! and tales of Moslems: Satan's Seed. All in all, a success. Considering I gave everyone the wrong address and Heidi was wandering around the neighborhood, checking dimly lit numbers on porches and ruining her shoes, I'm just glad that we all were finally able to congregate in one place and enjoy each other's company. Club 834 will have to up the ante, this was an interim Romantic Night, a draft if you will.

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