February 4, 2010

Fingers Crossed

courtesy of Hot Chip website

I love Hot Chip. I really really love them and have been forcing other people to listen to them ever since I was a prep cook at the Doug Fir and Lance the cook (who randomly enough was a bartender at the Horsehead before that) passed on his Hot Chip megamix to me. And I still haven't seen them live and it kind of breaks my heart. My love for Hot Chip can be compared to your biggest lamest high school crush and the disappointment I will feel if they aren't on the Sasquatch lineup will be comparable to how you would feel if your crush decided to ask out your best friend only because you happened to be home sick that day. They are playing Coachella. If those LA assholes get Hot Chip and I don't, there is going to be another blood curse. This is the single from their new album of the same name. They're moving into the ballad side of things on this one and I'm okay with that.


a said...

now that you actually know the line up: are you disappointed hot chip is not in attendance, or have you come to terms with the fact and instead thank and revere the sasquatch gods for sending you ween?

Rachel Wrong said...

You know, I am still a little chapped that LA gets Hot Chip and we don't. I'm bitter. To be honest, if Ween wasn't coming things would get really messy.