February 3, 2010

Composition: Winter Oregon 2009

I keep this little composition books. The ones with the faux marble covers and the taped spines. They are a great size, only slightly larger than a credit card and I jot down observations and dialogue and stories and sketches and sometimes write in them to give a situation purpose (some people do this with texting and cell phones when they feel a situation is awkward). And I have been kind of busy lately and just today got a request to keep my readers entertained (yes, it was only one request so maybe the correct thing to say would be reader as in singular). This book is red and I started it last winter. It's close to being completely full. Here is an excerpt:

Tonight Alex was punched in the face and his nose was broken. We hung out in the fire station afterward. I didn't say anything because I was peeing behind a building in the dark when it happened. Alex was bleeding all over and his nose was entirely shifted to his left, or maybe his right I can't recall. After it all happened and the police came and a taxi came and took some people went to the hospital, Liz and Adam and I hitchhiked with some hippies in a minivan across Eugene. It was excellent. We rode in the back and I sat on a plastic box and Liz hiccuped through the night as we rolled through the dark neighborhoods and kept an eye out for Jocelyn's street. We got home and pulled Rosie into bed with us in apology for waking her up at 4 a.m. I am writing and Liz is hiccuping in her sleep and Rosie is licking my elbow and Alex is having his nose set. Alexa is probably crying. What a mess the whole thing was. Lauren went to help Alex figure out hardship no-insurance health care. She went along as his adviser. She is probably advising right now.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for humoring me.

Rachel Wrong said...

My pleasure. There are so many gems in this book. It's ridiculous.