February 11, 2010

Proud to Be

So, being American has never really settled with me. At times, especially while traveling, I have been ashamed of being American. I'm often disapproving of what our country is doing to other countries and what it has done in the past. I know there are heaps of people all over this country that are incredibly proud to be American and feel that our country is superior to other countries and all that. There are people who are proud of our health care system, our spreading of democracy, our huge supermarkets, our hamburgers and our portions. At times I have thought that I wanted to live anywhere but here, and at times I have felt very happy to be here, happy to be somewhere where individuality has been hammered into the soil. But still, when I am out in the world, I am often a little apologetic about being American, and feel somehow estranged. I find myself trying to express that my America is not the America you see in movies, my values are not their values, I am somehow not typical.

But. I've been slipping. It's like I don't even know myself anymore. It started with the Super Bowl Party that I attended. Yep. I went to a Super Bowl Party and I watched a fairly large portion of the game and I ate as much as I possibly could and quite possibly caused irreparable damage to my stomach. If they were to dissect me right now I believe my colon would be lined with cheese and peanut butter pie. Sick.

And. Then I went to Claudia's, which is definitely a sports bar, and I watched the Blazers lose to Oklahoma City. Yeah, lots of people like the Blazers, but basketball is essentially an American game, there's no denying this, and it's the way that I watch the Blazers. I swear. A bunch. And when they make shots I do a fist pump, like a really high in the air triumphant fist pump, and sometimes, if it's a really great moment, a double fist pump.

And. I'm going to a monster truck rally this weekend. Quintessential American activity. I'm not apologetic about this. I can't even express how excited I am. I hope to have some pictures, maybe even some interviews to post in the days following the rally. I am planning on eating hot wings beforehand and maybe even shotgunning some beers. I am unabashedly glad to be American this week, because I'm pretty sure this is only country in the world that even has stupid events like this.

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Kyle said...

How can you not be excited for the monster truck rally this weekend when this is the current list of vehicles appearing:

USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger (Driven by Rod Schmidt), Donkey Kong, Blue Thunder (Driven by Frank Krmel), Iron Man, The Patriot, Tropical Thunder, Obsession, and Captain USA.

The Patriot AND Captain USA? I will be bleeding red, white, and blue from the awesomeness that is before me.