September 12, 2011

Big News

I bought my first surfboard! This thing could practically catch waves by itself. It's the Shuler Cosmo, an 7'5 egg that's thick in all right places, with long-board stability but the maneuverability of a short-board. More importantly, the Cosmo will ride well in pretty much anything. As a weekend surfer, I don't get to be choosy about conditions and this board will never be the limiting factor in how much fun I'm having (that would be my skills). Shuler Surfboards is located in Seaside and it's pretty great to have the opportunity to support a local shaper.

We took it out for its maiden voyage yesterday and I had a fun day, even with inconsistent sets, wind, frigid waters, and a cloud bank that sat on the coastline all day while Portland enjoyed summer. Sam had his most epic belly flop ever, I saw Kyle Carnes stand up, and Jeremy, well, Jeremy caught waves because that's what he does. All the time. Poor Rian forgot one of her booties (look!). Not really acceptable on the Oregon coast (I was in a wetsuit, hood, booties and gloves) but she still stuck it out for awhile, winning the Toughest Surfer of the Day award. She also took that photo up there.

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Kyle said...

Congrats on the new board!