September 7, 2011

Like sand in an hourglass

What happened? It seems like summer is already over. I mean, the weather is finally gorgeous but all of the sudden it's September and leaves are starting to blow around on the road and occasionally the wind wafts in that smell of must/opportunity that only really comes in the fall. I still have so much to do.

As a true Oregonian, I always feel an intense sense of guilt whenever it's sunny outside and I'm not taking advantage of it. So much guilt I can't even live with myself. I think with all the gray this summer, we're all feeling like we haven't taken full advantage of all that summer in Portland can offer. There are always a million things on my list for the precious days that the sun graces. That backpacking trip I always mean to take, the impromptu barbecues, more surfing, more swimming, more sunbathing, lazy afternoons on a porch with white wine and ice, late warm nights biking home from dance parties, flower picking, picnics that last all day, tomato eating, hikes early in the morning when the sun is just beginning to rise, evenings on the bluffs with the sunset.

Agh. I have so much to do. You do too. Let's make some last-minute plans.

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