September 28, 2011


I've been listening to the Father, Son, Holy Ghost album on repeat. It has this wonderful nostalgic guitar vibe and also takes me back to the 90s when I was obsessed with Pink Floyd. This is the first song on the album and definitely the most peppy. Note the awkward crop top. Speaking of crop tops and the 90s, Sam and I watched "Fear" last night. I had never seen it. The 90s Seattle fashion with all those underwear-skimming skirts, knee high tights, and crop tops is just priceless.

What a story though; the whole thing really escalates. One minute it's harmless roller coaster handjobs and the next thing you know people are smoking out of crack pipes and Mark Wahlberg is tattooing "Nicole 4 Eva" into his torso and snapping necks in the woods. Amy Brenneman drills through someone's hand! The ultimate moral of the story? Don't have sex with Mark Wahlberg. 


Gabe Rodriguez said...


kylecarnesphotography said...

I'm seeing Girls on Oct. 6th. You should come!

Rachel Wrong said...

I saw that they're coming through. I'm totally there.