September 13, 2010

A Few Things

Such a glorious weekend. The nice thing about Oregon is that just when you are starting to mope and eat random fried things in preparation for winter hibernation, you receive a few gift-wrapped hot sun days and the world is bearable. Surfing was great, the water was warm, and I still have all my body parts.

But Caitlin is gone. She moved to Amsterdam to be in love. She is already missed. You can still follow her blog. I'm hoping that she will keep us updated on the trials and tribulations of being an expat, as well as all the things we need to know about crazy euro fashion Hammer pants. I hope so.

Also, if you are anything like me, you rely on your friends' vast collective knowledge to keep you updated on all aspects of life. Gabe is my movie friend. He is on top of it. And now he has a blog (Gabe Watching Movies) and it's funny and informative and providing me with an endless list of movies I need to watch now. It's a public service.

And finally, this is incredibly vain, but I have always wanted to be stopped on the street and have someone take my picture because they think I'm fashionable in the manner of the Sartorialist or Urban Weeds.* This doesn't happen because I often don't look put together at all and am wearing jeans I accidentally burned while camping or a dress from Target or multiple prints, leg warmers, and bike grease. But my friend Rian did put me up on her blog, 18th and Hoyt, so let's pretend she isn't a good friend and just some blogger who had to capture the fleeting glory of my style.

* This actually kind of happened yesterday. Huy, Carin, and I were lurking outside the Walkmen show at Pioneer Square and were kind of hanging off the fence. Stretching, kind of. It was awkward. Some girl took our picture. We aren't sure why, but now she has a picture of me and my friends and our armpits.


Kyle said...

Man it seems everyone has a blog these days. If I ended up writing a blog it would probably spiral into an out of control rant/rave about my feline friend. My blog would probably be a linked to from "cuteboyswithcats" and all the old ladies would love to read what is happening in the life of one Mr. Loki Meowington (as written in the first person from his view).

Oh god, I should already shut myself off from society now before it gets any worse.

Rachel Wrong said...

This comment spiraled into a rant. At least you're alive. And when did you acquire a feline friend? I thought that was just me.