September 8, 2010

The Land of Gun Racks

Went out to Idaho for a long weekend with a big crew. We all brought our various skills and I would have to say that we all successfully completed the Idaho Labor Day Pentathlon.

1. Drinking: Yes, there was plenty of this. A shining moment involved Harold's exclamation of Good job Rachel! after I took a large swig of his whiskey. I have heard similar praise and enthusiasm directed towards someone who just aced a math test or peed in the toilet for the first time.

2. Rafting: It was hot on Saturday and perfect for rafting. We negotiated the rapids of the Payette with skill, lost our guide Liz on the first rapid but managed to collect her, and Brian failed on his kamikaze mission to take out Micheal (the other raft guide who continually persecuted us with his well-aimed paddle-splashing). Unlike a true samurai, Brian did not commit harakiri afterward.

3. Eating: Oh. Man. We were overly successful at this. There was a roast pig amongst a million other things to eat. Massive dinners, breakfasts, lunches. I'm still dealing with the aftermath.

4. Singing: The night of the pig roast involved a karaoke machine. That's really all I need to say.

5. Shooting: In true Idaho fashion we went out to the shooting range and shot shit up. I can kill a can at 30 meters. Or less.


Elizabeth said...

6. Dirty Old Man: As 1-5 weren't good enough, Rachel also caused an old man to fall in desperately in love again. That 79 year old man is my Grandpa who cannot stop talking about how great "That Rachel" is and never fails to list her virtues: "beautiful, funny, she shoots, she drinks... and oh my can she sing!"

Jesse Milan said...

Pentathlon complete! And yes - that dirty old man has a new big crush. The funniest part is - most of the things he finds of value in you are representative of all of the things he is lacking in his old age. Example:

"She is sooo beautiful!" (He is blind)
"She can sing so well!" (He is deaf)

What he really means is - "I'm very old, and there is temporarily someone new to behold besides my wife."

Not that you aren't beautiful, and can't bring down the house with song, just that he would need thicker glasses and to turn up his hearing aid to really tell.

PS - if Brian were truly honorable and committed harakiri, the blood curse would really have been complete. Just saying...

Rachel Wrong said...

All that you say is true. Young men without hearing aids and glasses do not sing my praises with the same enthusiasm. Especially if we're at a karaoke bar. And it's true that the blood curse still roils on.