September 9, 2010

Panda Bear Wednesday

So, Jocelyn, Sam and I went to Panda Bear last night. I wish I had some cool picture of him playing his little guitar, twiddling various knobs with authority, and all the crazy projections in the background, but I don't because I feel like a jerk when I start waving my camera around above everyone's head trying to get some average shot of the stage that doesn't look as good as the real thing. So I didn't take my camera and I danced. Unlike most people there. When did things get so somber? At one point we decided to move from our vantage point in front to a place where we had some room. We worked our way through the crowd and everyone was just kind of blank, like they were confused about what they were supposed to be doing. It was a fun show, walls of noise, long awkward moments of discord and apathetic rhythm, and then Beach Boys on acid over a solid bass line. Jocelyn and I danced. We looked a lot like we did in the picture above except we were wearing different clothes and we were in the Crystal Ballroom instead of Jocelyn's backyard. Sam and I finished up at East End. I love that bar.

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