September 17, 2010

I'm Ray Charles

So, a while ago I biked home in the dark and ended up at my basement door shaking my keys around and I decided to pretend I was blind and see how long it would take me to open the door.

The answer?


I sat there with my eyes shut fumbling with my keys (I have like, six keys on my key ring) and tried each one in the lock, (which is hard to find when you're blind) and sometimes they would be upside down and often it wouldn't be the right key and I had to try not to use the same wrong key over and over again, but finally I got the door open. I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I also was aware of the ridiculous nature of the situation. If Heidi had been sitting on the porch she would have leaned over the railing and asked, What the hell are you doing?

This morning Sam and I recreated the blind game on a walk back from Pine State Biscuits (I got the one with pickles and chicken and honey*) and he walked me down the street and I had my eyes shut behind dark sunglasses and I found myself laughing with my face kind of waving around in a similar fashion to Ray Charles. And then we got to our first curb. And he said, Big step! right as I walked into it. And then we got to the next one and he said, Big step! and then I took two more faltering steps before finally reaching the curb.

We need to work on our timing.

No, there wasn't a point to this. It was just fun.

* Tony, you were right. It's delicious.

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