September 15, 2010

Lasers! Glitter! Guitars!

Prior to attending the Scissor Sisters last night, I would not have said I was pro. Certainly not anti, but definitely not pro. However, Jesse got bronchitis and it turns out that I make an excellent default date.

When one just wants to dance, I can't imagine a better show. The crowd was varied and incredibly enthusiastic (suburban mothers, light-up cowboy hat bearded types, lithe men in denim short-shorts hopped up on substances, women of all sizes wearing Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman before she's rich dresses). The presentation was all vinyl and leather fingerless gloves and some backup singers in spandex doing synchronized dances. Clothing came off throughout the show, culminating in the finale, with lasers, glitter confetti, and something similar to a wrestling singlet (but skimpier). At one point Ana reminded us that she was raised in Portland and pointed out her beaming mother on the balcony. The crowd truly was the best part. After the zombie crowds at Panda Bear, it was nice to see people of various ages smiling, laughing, dancing, and having a legitimately good time. I felt bad for not wearing a dress composed mostly of lycra, but there's always next time.


Elizabeth said...

It was amazing... next time I'm wearing more fake eyelashes, glitter and sequence.

Elizabeth said...

"Sequins in motion = sequence."- Rachel Wrong