September 16, 2010


Kyle Arthur and Emily hosted a screening of Thrashin' last night. So great. The premise is a battle between The Daggers and the blonde kids (led by Josh Brolin, not sure if they had a crew name). I sincerely want to be Velvet (lead Dagger girl) for Halloween but Emily and I may have to rock-paper-scissors for it. So much good fashion, horrible dialogue, amazing music, and extreme skating (Tony Alva was skate choreographer and Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, and Steve Caballero were amongst the stuntmen/actors).

Here is the synopsis: "Corey Webster, a young skateboarding champion, comes to Los Angeles for the breath-taking, classic downhill race, "The Massacre". He is forced to contend with a rival gang of punk skateboarders led by Hook, a tough rival, who breaks Corey's arm in a skateboarding joust. Despite his injury, Corey is determined to win the grueling race and must overcome Hook's deliberate attempts to run him off the road as the skaters tackle the steep mountain course. Only the finishing line then stands between Corey and the greatest challenge of THRASHIN'..."

I found these stills on the internet. Amazing.

These are the Daggers at their headquarters. They have no respect for breakdancing, cars, or small blond children.

Velvet applies Hook's warpaint prior to the joust. She is his lover. At one point she makes him an earring out of her hair. There may or may not be an Flowers in the Attic thing going on with Hook and his sister (Josh Brolin's love interest).

This is Josh Brolin's training montage. There are a lot of random, unsuccessful powerslides to show how difficult skating is. What this photo doesn't show is how inept he is at tearing duct tape.

The next movie night is going down at 834. It's going to be Purple Rain.


Kyle said...

Yes, it is a glorious film.

After Purple Rain we may have to watch Repo Man. Oh and talking about Twin Peaks last night, as soon as you guys left David Lynch's Dune came on and I just had to watch it.

Rachel Wrong said...

I love Dune! I totally would have stayed for that. My dad was obsessed with that movie when I was a child. I grew up hearing all about THE SPICE and that crazy noise they make that kills people.

Rachel Wrong said...

Oh, and Fear is the mind killer. He was all over that one.

Charisstopher said...

oooh, i can't wait for Repo Man!

Shiny Things and Cake said...

I love Repo Man!
"A repo man is always intense... but only a fool gets killed for a car."

huy said...

I'm sorry I couldn't make the show. I've been thinking of being hook for halloween, so watch out velvet. If you can score a copy of "Gleaming The Cube" that should be your next movie night. The definitive 80's skateboarding era film.

Antonio Kantek said...

Awesome post.

How can I make my own Daggers jacket ? They are so awesome!