July 12, 2011

How an empire is built

I think you know how much I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They're crazy and wonderful and well-built. The creative finishes, huge platforms, and the sometimes strong resemblance to other, much more expensive designer shoes* (I would never say knock-off) means that I am constantly admiring and oftentimes purchasing yet another pair. At times my devotion to a particular pair of shoes has a resembled an odd religious fervor, even obsession. The term cult-status is not far off the mark: the popular models sell out in days and people start distributing them on Ebay at substantially raised prices; I'm not the only person who loves this brand. But like any empire, they couldn't just leave it at shoes, they had to keep building. Jeffrey Campbell is making bags now. Why not?

Of course this bag has color and fringe, the two things I like most in a bag. I'm doomed.

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shola said...

i love jeffery campbell shoes too rachel!! check out jeffery's new heels on urban's website, i want every single one of them. my fav: http://product.nuji.com/large/4e1c00cc-f139-456f-ae8d-906c9afd5d82.jpg