July 21, 2011

Something to do

I'm going to see Missile to the Moon tonight. That is, if it isn't raining. If it is raining, I will probably be inside somewhere, complaining about the weather. That's what I do now. I talk about the weather.

We saw Troll 2 last year at this very same rooftop movie series and it totally exceeded my expectations. The experience should be slightly different this year, as Filmusik is putting it on. Besides being oddly spelled (does it make you feel slightly exasperated when K is substituted for C for dramatic effect?) the group creates magical original performances combining film with live music, dubbing, and sound effects. Charissa's boyfriend Scott wrote an original score for Missile to the Moon and will be conducting tonight. Troll 2 did not have a live score. It was the original score and dialogue in all its glory: "Nilbog is goblin spelled backwards!!!! "I'm going to pee on our dinner!!!! Grandpaaaaa!" Anyway, I need to let go of Troll 2. It was great, but I'm sure Missile to the Moon will be great too.

Here's NW Film Center's synopsis:
In this wonderfully absurd sci-fi tale—definitely not made by rocket scientists—scientist Dirk Green catches a couple of escaped convicts hiding out in his backyard rocket ship and forces them to help pilot his ad-hoc flight to the moon. As plot thickening would have it, another scientist and his fiancée happen to climb on board at launch time too. After Green dies in a freak accident caused by a meteor shower, the makeshift crew finds there is cheesy life on the moon after all: oddly ambulatory rock-monsters, the sinister female ruler Ledo and her scantily clad moon-babes, and awesome giant spiders that look like they may have been made by inspired, but only moderately gifted, third graders.

I love third graders.


Shiny Things and Cake said...

Oh my god. How was it?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

Rachel Wrong said...

It was actually really great. The soundtrack was wonderful and watching the voice actors in down in the pit was also pretty spectacular. Charissa and I are going to another one next week, The Grand Duel with Federale!