July 1, 2011

To Do:

1. BBQ

2. Hawaiian-themed, jungle juice soaked, going-away party for Micheal and Jacquelyn

3. Skateboarding

4. Go to Sky High so that I can jump around in a trampoline room filled with like-minded adults who wish to celebrate Sam's birthday by jumping

5. Watch Buddy Guy play the guitar at the Blues Festival with my dad

6. Surfing

7. Play the color game

Have a great Fourth of July weekend!


Gentleman's Time said...

Did you end up going to Sky High?

Rachel Wrong said...

Oh yeah. We totally did. It was mayhem. We played dodge ball, did flips into the foam pit, and someone ended up with the mother of all bloody noses after kneeing himself in the face. I'm still dealing with rug burn on my feet. Four stars.