July 19, 2011

Seattle Ho!

I paid a visit to Alexa's new home a few weeks ago. True to form, I am only now posting about it, but it doesn't make the adventure any less special. Jocelyn and Ruby (her trusty canine companion) and Carin and I rode up in a cloud of glory, passing through some foreboding rain showers only to find a glorious sunset behind the skyline. As usual, I was starving and on the verge of panic by the time we arrived (I don't know why I don't keep an emergency stash of granola bars on me at all times). I sent Alexa a text telling her we were ten minutes away and that supper better be on the table. It was a joke of course, but one of those jokes that's not really a joke because you hope with all your heart that it's true. Her reply: Oh just you wait.

She greeted us with sangria and roasted root vegetables and we ate and drank and took over her kitchen and made it a miniature dance club. The floor was shaking. We then went out on the town but it was Pride Week and bars everywhere were stuffed to capacity and blasting techno. We made our own fun and admired some mid-century furniture along the way. The night closed out at a strange place with boys go-go dancing on cubes. I believe this was due to Pride, but I'm not actually sure. Either way, the evening was an adventure.

Saturday involved a wonderful brunch at Smith (by suggestion of Nate, one her roommates). He really came through. Check this place out. I am pretty proud of our breakfast spots in Portland, but Smith was a serious, serious contender. Dead animals on the wall, cutting board plates, bloody mary's filled with pickled vegetables, and really great food. I had the BLT and it is highly recommended.  We spent the rest of the day milling around, eating food, sitting in the sun in the backyard, and bbq'ing. Alexa and I ran to her local and took two of the worst photobooth shoots of all time. What an embarassment.

Sunday was coffee and reading in the sun at the cafe down the street, and then we caught the bus down to the Pride Parade to meet up with Carin. Drill routines, ribbon dancing, pony play, glitter, and pasties. For a very interesting recap of the Pony Play segment, please refer to Alexa's blog here and here. A description and a rebuttal. Fascinating stuff.

We made the trek back to Alexa's house and spent a few quiet moments in her kitchen booth with some mac n' cheese before making the trek back to Portland. I left with a expanded love for Seattle in my cold heart. Thanks to Alexa for a perfect time.

1. Seattle. Obviously. 2. Sleater-Kinney Road. That is rock history right there. 3 and 4. Haven't you ever wished that you could step through some shrubbery and find a magical world? Maybe we did. 5. Pride Parade flair. 6. We got friendship bracelets because we're friends. 7 and 8. We found Carin by the fountain. She was wearing her mermaid dress and she gave us glitter eyes.

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