July 26, 2011

Poor Man's Missoni

I know not everyone loves when I talk about fashion (ahem, guys). But it's an important part of my life. While it may not appear that way (Hey Rachel, you're wearing jeans again. And a t-shirt. Really breaking some ground), I occasionally like to see what's going on in the high fashion world. It's times like these that I often get really sad about my life. One, because I'm short and high fashion is made for tall, willowy people with bony knees. Two, I will never be able to afford that stuff. Three, knock-offs of the really, really good stuff never make it to you and me. It just doesn't happen. By the time it filters down through ready-to-wear to the inspired-by styles that grace local, attainable hangers, it is often a sad, misshapen version of the glory it once was. Burberry trench to Victoria's Secret trench over a push-up bra to sad-sack trench in shiny, synthetic fabric that smells vaguely of plastic.

However, it is good to dream. And Missoni's Fall 2011 ready-to-wear is pretty dreamy. It's like Lisa Franke in water color. Cotton candy pastels, grunge cuts sweetened by embroidery, snakeskin bombers, sunset sweaters, flowing skirts, and those boots. The snakeskin galoshes are my favorite part.

I don't know if anything like those boots will ever end up in stores where I can afford to shop. But these Jeffrey Campbell Litas are probably your best bet for a general approximation of color and texture, though the silhouette is obviously a completely different ballgame. The only advantage is that these would get me a few inches closer to tall, though alas, without the willowy.

*photos from style.com


Lauren said...

those boots are awesome! love the colors too, what a great collection.

Rachel Wrong said...

Lauren, I actually thought of you and your color blog. There are a lot of great combos in this collection.

Susan said...

I feel your pain on the willowy tall part :) although I don't think I'd ever be able to pull off those snakeskin high heels... or for that matter, anything taller than 2inches heels since I'm a wimp.