January 27, 2010

A Few Things

Okay, at request from Kyle Arthur I will divulge a great getting-to-know-you question. Side note: Why is it that some people are first and last name people? In my head I always refer to Kyle Arthur as Kyle Arthur, not Kyle. Ever. I have also known two Mike Days, one was a bartender in Dunedin and an English major dropout and one was stabbed outside of Cecilia's in Breckenridge. Anyway, here is the question: What song would you strip to? This is putting aside the fact that you have no desire to be a stripper and would, in fact, find it humiliating. What song? Kyle Arthur chose Spiders From Mars and Micheal chose Your God is Dead. This was all discussed at the Sandy Hut and followed us to the PRG and the East Burn (such a weird bar) where we were making new friends, kind of. Bring this up next time you are making new friends. See what happens.

Also. This is now mine.

I bought it from a Bulgarian out on 82nd. He carried it out to my car for me. He had a gold watch, is a bartender at the Sheraton and wants to move somewhere warm. It was raining on us as we walked to my car. I could relate.


Kyle said...

To make matters even more difficult for you, my middle name is Robert.

Rachel Wrong said...

Meh. I don't feel any need to call you Kyle Robert Arthur. Kyle Arthur is sufficient.