January 18, 2010

James Cameron is Still Ruining My Life

After two thwarted attempts, I finally saw Avatar and it made me throw up.

Many aspects of the weekend were a resounding success so I feel comfortable accepting the non-success of that venture.


Elizabeth said...

So you are telling me we had this epic rock star weekend with friends, blackout drinking, dancing so hard we could barely stand, skiing,a magic outfit,and an orgy of junk food, and you are telling all you write about is that Avatar made you puke!

I mean it was pretty shocking that you had to literally run out of the theater, and then spent many parts curled in the fetal position, but really Ms. Wrong, I expected more from you.

Rachel Wrong said...

Why recount a weekend that magical? It will just make other people feel inadequate. By the way, you left out mention of the under the stall panty liner attack photo, I would say that was one of the major triumphs.