January 5, 2010

Music Mix 2010

On December 31st I made this fantastic on-the-go mix on my ipod which was marred only by the entirety of the Holy Diver album somehow ending up in the middle of it. Oh Dio. The idea is that it will be the soundtrack for the myriad successes of the upcoming year, which really, is off to a pretty good start (flowers, pirate ship alarm clocks, Big Trouble in Little China). I'm not big on resolutions, not sure that I've made one in the past few years. In high school I probably decided something like, lose fifteen pounds (and therefore die), but I can't recall writing any down. I have a friend who decided to be more animated this year. Another resolved to be more physically fit. Yet another told me: I am going to be nicer to my brother's girlfriends even if they are what some may consider idiotic tramps; this ties into trying to be nicer in general. I'm sticking with the resolution that I made upon return from Italy this past summer, and that was to be less vocally negative. This was mostly inspired by one of Yoko Ono's "paintings" that I saw at the Biennale, the gist of which was, try not saying anything bad about anyone for a day, and then for a week and then for a month and see what happens to your life.

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