January 14, 2010

Rachel and Her Weekend of Wonders

Okay. So this is kind of a secret promotion because I want a good spot right up front and I'm hoping that nobody knows about it though I'm sure it's going to be packed. Holocene is playing Valerie and Her Week of Wonders tonight. It's this 1970 Czech coming-of-age surreal vampire movie that I've never seen and the best thing is that three Portland bands, Nurses, Gulls and The Slaves are each going to provide a portion of the live score. Czech vampires, blood and priests and all that post-modern shifting of signifiers and meaning with those seventies this-is-a-symbol shots, live score, I cannot wait.

Also, SMP happens in Boise this weekend. Synopsis: Annual dress-like-a-shitty-musician party that has grown from its conception in 2003 as a humble house party to a massive blowout. We are heading out en masse, eight of us, taking over an Friday afternoon flight on Southwest, snowboarding on Saturday at Bogus Basin, meeting Surly Shirley (Liz's grandmother and a model for what I will be when I am old), SMP'ing on Saturday night and flying back early Monday morning. Last year Liz and Jesse were Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. They won the costume contest which involved a trophy and a debilitating bar tab. I am proud to say that Liz was dressed from head to silver-tipped-cowboy-boot-toe in clothing that I casually pulled from my closet.

I am going as her.
And yes, my multi-faceted mother knitted a costume for me.


Elizabeth said...

Live score, slightly incestuous vampire flick... check.

Rachel Wrong said...

Nurses absolutely killed it. I would hire them to score any film I was putting together. Even if it didn't have vampires and incest and menstrual blood dropping on daisies.