January 22, 2010

Projects Afoot

I've been pretty busy with random hobbies. Have gotten really enthusiastic about playing music, started accordion lessons this week and have been practicing every day, also been brushing up on my recorder skills. So far I've figured out the intro to Ironman, Holy Diver, Hot Cross Buns and am really close to the intro of Behind the Bushes (The Knife). We are getting a band together, (we being everyone I know) and I am imagining a big hot mess of random percussion, chimes, recorder, accordion,violin, banjo, and harmonizing vocals with lots of drunken shouting (aka layering). A family band. A commune band. Magic Outfit.

Also, last night I went over to Caitlin's (otherwise known as Riot Siren and the Quiet Collector) and she gave me some sewing tips. I got a new German sewing machine for Christmas and would like to start making more clothing. However, as I have previously mentioned, I do not include precision amongst my skills. Caitlin passed some tips along and made me iron and measure and pin and do things I would otherwise never do in the process of making a garment. She is producing a collection of skirts for her etsy shop and they are awesome and they have pockets. Highly recommended, get them now before they're gone.

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