January 20, 2010


So, there are some of you that may recall my first post ever so many months ago. It was about the neighbor and his lack of curtains and the fact that we were there first and shouldn't have to get curtains. We had settled into the unconscious routine of glancing at him through the window on our way through the kitchen and seeing him in the flickering blue of the television, or playing his guitar and singing, and slowly came to understand his schedule, (bed by eight, up at four or five to watch tv). It was very oddly intimate. But that era is over. Today, as I was preparing a quick egg breakfast I glanced up through the window to see the back of a mirror or a framed poster over the window, probably the mirror that was leaning against the wall in the living room since he moved in. We have triumphed.

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Charisstopher said...

NO WAY! We should have a naked party to celebrate. But only in the kitchen, considering the fact that we don't have curtains on any of the other windows, either.