March 2, 2010

Hot Hot Hate

Because it is my birthday soon (it's next week but I am going to Colorado to visit friends and when I go on vacation I make a point to avoid even touching computers) please spare me this indulgence. It's a brief list of things that I hate. You know, just for fun. With and without explanations. Please know that this is not an inclusive list. There is way more where this came from.

Frisbee-- But not frisbee golf. I like that for some reason.

People that bring dogs into cafes--And their little dogs too.

The term "foodie"-- I don't like how it sounds. It's reminiscent of footsie, an unpleasant word, and not far off from furry, also disturbing. And the sort of person that would self-identify as a foodie? Questionable. It's like identifying yourself as an amateur egyptologist or a pop culture expert. Pretty much everyone likes food.


Lack of cellphone etiquette-- Especially those guys that lurk in airports and you always end up standing behind them in the coffee line and then they're on your plane and sitting across the aisle from you and the moment the plane lands they start ranting about big business deals and the color of the new carpet and tell Maureen to throw that in an email and we'll need a CA and RFP. And they're always looking around to see who is noticing how important they are. And while I know that everyone answers their phone everywhere now and there is absolutely no escaping it, whenever you, my friends, are answering your phone and talking and it's just you and I hanging out one-on-one, yes. Yes I'm upset. I may not say anything. I probably won't. But I have a little mental chalkboard with tally marks on it.

Wearing something that has a large stain on it-- This could be solved if I washed every article of clothing that I own as soon as I have worn it once. But I don't do that. And there's nothing worse than looking down and realizing your sweater has a large dried patch of mustard on the left sleeve. And it's been there all day.

Losing one of something-- This isn't so bad with earrings. I've totally embraced the one earring and the mismatched earring combo. But you just can't do that with gloves.


Tony said...

Let the comment section show that Rachel has indeed agreed to play catch with a frisbee with this commenter, albeit with the concession of a boombox with Ween in the background. She drives a hard bargain.

rian said...

You would like frisbee golf.

As a footnote, I'd like to add:

1. Bleached tips (Yes, I do mean that late 90's hairstyle pioneered by wakeboard enthusiasts.)

2. Hangovers. (I've almost quit drinking...almost).

3. The Freestyle skiing trend involving sewing one oversized sweatshirt onto the bottom of another over sized sweatshirt with the end result resembling a kind of sweatshirt dress, usually worn over baggy pants.

4. The sound of the squirrels that live in my roof having sex.

Rachel Wrong said...

Oh my god. Rian. Those are all amazing. Except for the sound of squirrels having sex on your roof. I don't mind that. Probably because it's not my roof. But the others are so spot-on.